Our satisfaction comes from your satisfaction, and your satisfaction can be seen in your smile. We work together to develop treatment goals and outcomes. Smile makeovers not only improve aesthetics, but also resolve bite problems, muscle pain, and TMJ disorders. The following photos represent just a few of our recent cases and their results. Please contact us and come in for a consult to discuss what outcomes we can reach for you.

Headaches, bite problems, crowding, and discoloration



This patient was unhappy with her smile. She had old metal ceramic crowns, discolored fillings and crowded teeth. She also had headaches and problems with her bite. Her gum tissue was uneven in the front. The treatment for this patient was a combination of crowns, veneers, gum recontouring and a bite adjustment which help alleviate much of her chronic discomfort.

Dead tooth, implant replacement



This type of case is a dentist’s nightmare. An attractive young female comes in to have her dark front tooth veneered. Unfortunately for her the left front tooth on this patient had to be removed because the root had melted away. Through careful planning and attention to detail the tooth was systematically removed, implant placed, temporary crown fabricated and then the implant was restored with a highly esthetic all ceramic crown. Although not perfect, the patient was very happy with the final result.

Prematurely Aged Teeth



This young man’s teeth were making him look prematurely old. A smile makeover with eight veneers lengthened the worn teeth took at least ten years off of his appearance.

Porcelain veneers in two weeks



This smile reconstruction took less than two weeks to create. The patient had ten porcelain veneers fabricated by my ceramist Kyle Forbes for her upper anterior teeth. The porcelain veneers do not make the teeth weaker and give her a much more youthful appearance.

“Never been happy with my smile until now”



This patient has never been happy with his smile but even I was amazed at the result that was able to be achieved with some minor gum tissue alteration, all ceramic crowns and veneers. Good planning, great vision and a talented ceramist made this case possible.

Correcting a bite problem and aesthetics



One of my favorite patients in my 20 years of practice finally committed to having a smile makeover. She had a bite problem for many years which had to be managed along with enhancing her smile. A bite adjustment was performed which alleviated her head and muscle aches, gum tissue recontouring and a combination of porcelain veneers and all ceramic crowns gave her the smile she always desired.